Question This activity will give an overview of Paul’s life including his upbringing, education, conversion and ministry. This will provide the background material necessary to help understand his significance in the New Testament narrative and development of early Christianity. Read the Book of Acts in your ESV Bible. Imagine that you have been commissioned to write a short “article”  on the Apostle Paul for a new online research database. In the first half of the article the goal is to provide an overview of Paul’s life including his early upbringing, his education and how he was converted to Christianity (minimum 1.5 pages). The second half of the article (minimum 1.5 pages) is to be devoted to key elements of Paul’s ministry: where he went and why, how he helped to spread the Christian message. Be sure to reference any Scripture passages that might help the potential reader explore the life of Paul further. If you use any direct quotes from the textbook, reference them properly as well. Provide at least two academic sources to support your writing. Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.