Question I have started this paper it needs another page added! You can add anywhere through out! FIVE: “The Rule of St. Benedict” Paper The Rule of St. Benedict is one of the earliest codes of conduct for monastic communities and still in use in monastic communities today.  It formed the basis for spiritual life at the monastery.  Many today might consider these rules archaic and legalistic, however, this rule formed the basis for the covenant which all of the monks and nuns who decided to be a part of the community abided by.  Many churches today have a form of ‘Rule’ by which they live, which can be found in their by-laws. The ‘rule’ by necessity governs the specific code of conduct needed for a particular community but based upon scriptural guidelines.  What would a ‘Rule’ of spiritual formation look like for you? Read The Rule of St. Benedict Your paper should be 3 pages and consist of three parts: Describe the Rule of St. Benedict.  Point out interesting features and how it governed the community during his day. Describe some of the difficulties applying the Rule of St. Benedict to the church/your life today. Finally, create a rule for your life based on the principles found in the Rule of St. Benedict and be sure to support those codes for your life or your church with scripture.  Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.