Question Do this exactly as the example is please one page has to be different scholarly source Here are the requirments: Annotated Bibliography Using the guidelines provided, complete an annotated bibliography.  Students must submit this completed assignment on the scheduled due date via Blackboard.  Students may expect feedback related to the assignment via Blackboard Grade Book within two weeks of completion.  In the event of extenuating circumstances, students will be notified of delayed grading.   Grading Rubric Annotated Bibliography: Ethical Concerns for Individual Cohorts in America (20 points) Review the literature on an ethical concern of your choice for a certain cohort. A cohort is a group that you have an interest in studying. Examples may include: Access to Healthcare for Indigent Children, End–of-Life Care for the Uninsured, Teen Pregnancy Support, Organ Donation, Domestic Violence, etc…  Read up to three articles on your chosen ethical concern for the cohort that you select and choose one article to write an annotated bibliography. [Notation] – Only write the annotated bibliography for one article. Annotated Bibliography – Ethical Concern for Cohort of Interest article – 20 points The annotated bibliography should not exceed one type-written page and will include: Complete citation; author, year published, name of article, name of journal, volume #, issue # and pages (2 points) Summary of major topic and key points made in the article (6 points) Assessment of article compared to other articles read; reliability of information, free from author bias (objectivity), goal of source (information) (6 points) After summary and assessment share if this work fit in with your beliefs about the topic, helped you shape an argument, changed or affirmed your thinking about the topic (6 points) The 2nd, 3rd and 4th bullets [.] should be your headings. Note: Up to 2 points may be deducted for grammar, spelling, syntax and/or APA errors. Read Full Question