Question this is the essay you did and needs revising! Feedback to Learner 10/30/20 10:07 AM Hi Jeramie, Thanks for submitting this first draft on your final Research and Argumentative Essay. I have added notes on your essay to help you strengthen your final draft. Be sure to review these. Review the Rubric for grading feedback. Here are some ideas that will help you in your academic writing: 1) Fit the Style! Follow APA in your formatting style. Check your title page, reference page, and citations against the samples and examples you have in your resources. 2) Sweeten the flow! Use paragraphing. That doesn’t mean one or two sentences or one or two pages. A paragraph is a topic sentence you will explore. Transitions. Research introduced by signal phrase. Analysis. 5-7 sentences tops. More is running on, and on. 3) Agree with the Grammar World! Make sure your subject/verb agreements are in place. Make sure your pronouns are singular to singular or plural to plural (no one/they, for instance). And make sure your person is third and your tense is consistent in the past for this essay. Best to you in your final essay! R Harrell