Question  Compare and analyze different theoretical family therapy approaches. The system that tends to be the most widely recognized as closely associated with addictive behaviors is the family. Substance abuse counselors need to pay close attention to the family dynamics that affect each client for they have the potential to influence the outcome of treatment for the individual. It is important to note that the family system itself can be seen as an appropriate target for change as well. Read Chapter 8 of your SAC textbook. Under the “Questions for Thought and Discussion” on pages 204-205, read the case of Marcia and Darrell. In a 2-3 page paper answer questions 1 through 3 thoroughly. Be sure to use material covered in this chapter. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed: Discuss the major life changes the family must deal with. What suggestions would you have about ways they could deal with the “crisis of abstinence”? Describe how each theory (experimential/humanistic, structural, and behavioral) would approach this case.