Question Objective: Analyze how you would integrate Christian principles into human resource planning. William Pollard author of The Soul of the Firm and past CEO of the ServiceMaster company is a prime example of what it means to integrate Christ-centered principles into human resource planning. Pollard explains why it is necessary for management to do the job of their employees at least once a year to understand how to manage their human resources. Watch #2 recognize your indebtedness, Three responsibilities of leadership – Bill Pollard, ServiceMaster Watch An interview with Bill Pollard (full interview) Watch Bill Pollard: Raising the question of God in business Research William Pollard, author of The Soul of the Firm. In a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation format create 5-7 slides that identify how ServiceMaster has been successful with integrating Christian principles within their human resource management strategies. All written assignments should be formatted using APA. For the current OCU APA Template, click the Student Toolkit in the top navigation bar and view the APA: Citation and Formatting Help page. Hide Rubrics Analysis is excellent. Relevant content exists, but needs more analysis.