Question Throughout your program at Grace you will be writing a variety of different types of papers. It is important to understand the basics of putting a paper together. All papers have a few components no matter how long they are. These include an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. A good way to understand this structure is to write a short five-paragraph paper. The introduction needs to include a hook, the set-up, and the thesis statement. Many students taking this course have completed writing courses earlier in their programs. While some of this course may be a refresher, many areas go more in-depth and will address other areas to help continue to improve your writing. Watch the video “Basic Essay Structure” at: Basic Essay Sructure You MUST submit the first draft by Friday. Your classmates and instructor will read your essay and give you feedback. You will use that feedback to update your essay and submit the final draft by Monday of Week Two. Prepare your Essay: Read the “ENG 300 Five Paragraph Essay ” instruction sheet for specifics about the assignment. Use the APA template provided in the Course Resources (do not download one from Google or create your own). The essay needs to include an introduction (3 – 5 sentences), three body paragraphs (min. 4 sentences each), and a conclusion (3 – 5 sentences). The paper should use correct grammar and punctuation. Post the rough draft of your five-paragraph essay by Friday. Submit it as a Word document. Review and Comment on other Student Essays: Use the ENG 300 Peer Review Form for Five Paragraph Essay to give specific feedback to at least two classmates. Submit the form by Monday. Turn on Track Changes. You will make changes directly in the paper and can add comments directly in the paper. If you have not done this before, go to Understanding Track Changes Save the document with the changes and comments and post the document back into the discussion forum.