Question Where does your faith fit into your life?  Is Christ at the center of your decision making, or is your faith just one of several factors that influence how you choose to make your decisions?  How does following Christ influence the way you interact with your family, your co-workers, your finances, your hobbies, your politics, your view on violence, your view towards your enemies both foreign and domestic?  How often, in this fast-paced social media world, do we stop to think about how our faith integrates with our convictions, opinions, and decisions?  We are often too impatient to rely upon anything other than our gut in most circumstances, but what if we trained ourselves to think biblically so that we might react in such a way as to reflect the object of our faith, Jesus Christ. Discuss the following points related to this topic: For your initial response, choose a ‘hot button’ issue that currently occupies your attention or the attention of others around you, whether that be politics, war, finances, marriage, etc.  Take time to reflect on your position on that issue, and then line up your position with what you find in scripture.  Do you find that your decisions are being informed more by scripture or by the latest news story, tweet, or social media post?  Do you find yourself being persuaded by experts in the field? Describe in what ways you find the Bible at the center of your decision making and in what ways you find that you have ‘siloed’ scripture to matters of faith and family.