Question Academic honesty is a key component to earning a degree. Many students do not intentionally set up to steal, or plagiarize, someone else’s work. They simply do not know who to properly give credit. Any time you use a source or an idea that is not your own, you need to cite the source. You can paraphrase, summarize, or directly quote the source. It is important to keep track of your sources as you are doing your research so that you can cite them properly both in the paper and on the reference page. A key component of APA formatting is that if you reference a source, you need to cite it in the paper. If you cite it in the paper, it needs to go on your reference page. Anything that is on the reference page has to have been specifically cited in the pape Review Grace’s Plagiarism Policy: Grace’s Plagiarism Policy Discuss the following points related to this topic: Part 1: Do a Google search and find a news article about plagiarism (i.e. Jayson Blair). Write a brief summary of the article (what was plagiarized, by whom, what were the consequences). Include the link to the article in your post. Part 2: What is included in plagiarism? How can you avoid plagiarism in your writing? What does the Bible say about plagiarism (hint: the word plagiarism isn’t in the Bible)?