Question The term ekklesia is traditionally translated church in the New Testament, although there are several instances in which the term is translated in other ways.  This term is integral to the doctrine of the church, so studying this word and concepts related to it can yield good fruit for our knowledge of what church really means. Read “Church (Ecclesiology) ” by Vinton Research the following terms using your Baker textbook and your Bible (it will be important to use an ESV, NASB or NJKV for this assignment). Church Body of Christ Saints Congregation Elder Deacon Pastor List each term and explain what you have learned in an organized list with four categories, or a chart with four columns. Ensure the following points are addressed for each term: Category/Column 1:  Term Category/Column 2:  How the Bible uses the term, including how the usage varies depending on the context.  Including specific Bible references is expected. Category/Column 3:  How a theologian would use this term (not always the same as the Bible). Category/Column 4:  A short definition of the term based upon both the biblical and theological ideas. Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.