Question Objective: Explain the need for human services professionals to be educated so as to be able to effectively help those clients that need the most help. Since our world is constantly changing, we need to educate ourselves on the facts. Keep in mind we do not always get accurate facts from television or social media. We need to obtain information from scholarly sources and check out the facts when we hear information from sources that may not be reliable. In what areas do you need to be more educated? Write a 1 page journal on the need for human service professionals to be educated on the needs of various populations so as to help those clients who need it most. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed: What did you learn this week that might have changed your opinion toward a certain group in need of human services? What group is that and what changed for you? What group do you need to learn more about? Where will you obtain more information? All written assignments should be formatted using APA. For the current OCU APA Template, click the Student Toolkit in the top navigation bar and view the APA: Citation and Formatting Help page.