Question four pages is enough Objective 4: Apply ethical principles and guidelines in real world working scenarios. The final assignment for the class will be comprehensive in nature. It is now your chance to apply several of the principles that were discussed over the past five weeks to a real-world case scenario. As we have learned, there is not necessarily just one “correct” route to take, as each client will present unique factors and issues and each professional will have individual viewpoints and perceptions. By practicing application through case studies, we can be better prepared to ensure our ethical competence and conduct ourselves in a way that is in our client’s best interest. As this is a comprehensive assignment, review all of the chapter readings for the course. Reflect on the following scenario: Anna is a 22-year-old, recently married woman of Mexican decent. She and her husband are first generation Americans who were raised in traditional Mexican households that practice traditional methods and customs. Anna comes to you suffering from stress and anxiety after finding out that she is pregnant. Anna is currently in college, and has always dreamed of becoming a nurse. She is terrified of telling her husband about the pregnancy because he believes that a woman should stay at home and raise children, and not engage in a career. Anna thinks that her best route would be to get an abortion, and not tell her husband about the pregnancy so that she can continue her academic and career goals. However, she expresses that one of her long-term goals is to have a family and balance this with the demands of a fulfilling career. In a 4 page, double-spaced paper, analyze the above scenario and demonstrate practical application of the concepts covered in the course. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed: Define Anna’s problem for which she is seeking professional help. Identify specific cultural considerations that need must be considered. Be sure to note the traditional human services approach, versus the approach that will need to be taken because of these cultural considerations. Identify any personal moral viewpoints or feelings of bias that you, as a professional, may have that could affect the objectivity of your guidance. Identify and list at least three ethical guidelines from a governing ethical board (American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers, etc.) that apply to this scenario. Discuss what actions you, as a worker, will need to take to ensure that you are remaining ethical (based on the concerns mentioned above). Provide at least two sources of referral that you could make for Anna to ensure that she receives ethical and objective care. Provide what overall guidance you would give to Anna in her scenario and include your reasoning. Identify at least 2 ways that you will follow up with Anna or the sources of referral (if referred) to demonstrate professional competence. Reference at least three scholarly sources. Ensure your essay includes a clear introduction and thesis statement, and conclusion summarizing main ideas. Read Full Question