Question Objective: Explain the trial process and the roles of the individuals involved in that process.  Illustrate the ability to apply the Rules of Evidence to a case.   As a criminal investigator the trial portion of a case is where all of your hard work culminates into what will hopefully be a conviction.  How your courtroom operates, including how the judge runs the courtroom, how the prosecutor approaches a case, and the best sequence in which to present evidence are all vital parts of the process.  Additionally, you should be familiar with certain characteristics of jurors and how they are selected.  Become very familiar with the Rules of Evidence.  This includes hearsay and the exceptions to hearsay and the burden of proof.  Finally, understand the importance of the role of the criminal investigator as a witness.  Complete Internet Activity 2 at the end of the chapter.  Focus on the Ohio Statutes to determine what privileged communication is. Then in 400 words describe the role of the criminal investigator as a witness, the characteristics of a good criminal investigator as a witness, and the appropriate ways to answer direct and cross-examination questions on the witness stand. Internet avtivity ” Search your state statutes for information on  privileged communications.  Legal  research  websites  such  as      www.megalaw.com    and    www.Findlaw.com    are good places  to  start.  What  types  of  communication  are  privileged  in  your  state?   ” use OHIO for this!