Question Pick a week, do not pick a week that you are on a diet. On the front cover of your text are pages A and B, here are charts telling you the Estimated Energy Requirements (EER), Adequate Intakes (AI) and Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). You will need to use these to get an idea of how much you should eat and drink. THE ASSIGNMENT FOR THE FINAL The Chart You are going to Do a 5 day chart of what you eat and drink. When you list a drink other than water, don’t name the drink, just list how much you have 12 oz, 16oz, ect. Then look at the chart and list all the entries needed for that drink. See appendix A-1 in your text book Chart needs to look like the appendix A-1 with totals per day. List the food item, quantity, energy/calorie, protein, carb, fiber, fat, calc, sodi and vit. C. Put in chart form. Use Table A-1 at the end of your text, it’s the green section to look up these items. If you eat something that is NOT on the list and you can’t find it use a food item as close as possible for that listing. Total each day of each item. ( I will not accept a chart with a small amount of calories eaten, example under 750 a day everyday nor a chart with the same foods eaten every day, example water, taco and apple, water taco and apple, water taco and apple.) This is your final, worth 16 points, please do it correctly. Thanks The Summary Compare your totals with the RDA and compare how you eat each day. See if there is a pattern of a certain type of food that you consume or the lack of. Refer back to your family health history that you prepared Week I, Write a summary (1 page) of possible health problems you have now or may encounter in the future. When looking at both the chart and your history what could you change to improve your health. Turn in your complete chart and summary. If you need help call me. Send in blackboard assignments.