Question When terrible crimes are committed, such as that explored in Judgment Ridge, media, communities, law enforcement, and citizens seek answers–particularly when the senselessness of the crime seems to defy these very answers. Perhaps we seek narratives to explain, comfort, and offer solutions to some larger problem. The central question posed by the book Judgment Ridge is this: why did Robert Tulloch and James Parker, who were by most accounts ordinary, likable teens, kill the Zantops? What answer or answers do you believe the book seeks and/ or finds? Please summarize the reason or motive you think the book posits most persuasively. Does this answer satisfy you–why or why not? Choose one quote from your reading so far that you believe illustrates the teens’ reason for killing and include it in your post, along with some follow-up analysis. In addition, address somewhere in your post how the film Are You Good or Evil? impacts your reading of the book thus far: was there some point made that influenced, complicated, or shaped your thinking on the Judgment Ridge case? Post should be 1-2 paragraphs, written in a formal academic tone, and grammatical, and should provide one textual quote. Don’t feel that you need to answer every rhetorical question posed here, so long as you address the gist and that you incorporate some analysis of the both the book and the documentary film in your post