Question same login info from yesterday but will copy the pages of the book to you  FIVE: Introduction and Conclusion Assignment The introduction of the paper is key to engaging the audience. It sets the tone for the rest of the paper. Your job as the writer is to pull the reader into your topic (hook). You need to set the context of the paper (transition), and then you will tell the reader exactly what they can expect in the paper (thesis). Likewise, at the end of the paper, it is your job as the writer to bring everything together. You need to restate your thesis and draw any conclusions you want the reader to take away. Show how all your points come together to support your thesis. Read chapter 13 “Writing your final introduction and conclusion” in Student’s Guide to Writing College Papers. Complete “Writing a Strong Introduction and Conclusion Worksheet ” and submit. Click on “FIVE: Introduction and Conclusion Assignment” above to submit your assignment.