Question needs no cover sheet ! With the rise of digital communication technology and social media, the opportunity for online conflict has skyrocketed. No doubt, you have encountered that person on Facebook who seems to have a knack for stirring up controversy. Politics and religion seem to be two conflict-ridden topics that emerge on social media. If you were to investigate the comments, you will see a number of different conflict strategies being played out. For example, in a number of cases, you will see people resort to name-calling or ad hominem attacks on others. However, social media does not represent the only place where virtual conflict may arise. You can experience miscommunication over e-mail or text messages. Digital communication certainly has advantages, disadvantages, and limitations. Understanding these will help you discern whether or not a conflict is best resolved using technology or a face-to-face meeting. Further, identifying these factors can help you avoid unnecessary conflict and preserve relationships. googleJandt Conflict and Communication chapter 8. Discuss the following points related to this topic: Summarize the limitations, advantages, and disadvantages to online conflict resolutions. Then articulate three biblical principles that should guide online conflict management. Explain why you chose those biblical principles.