Question Proverbs 31:10-31 This passage is a dominant one that pastors and teachers often use when dealing with the biblical role of women.  Even though it was written thousands of years ago, the content is surprisingly contemporary.  Observe the following highlights. Her husband believes in her abilities, v11 She adds value to her husband, v12, 23 She is domestic, in the traditional sense, v13-15 She is entrepreneurial, in the nontraditional sense, v16, 24 She is industrious, v17-19, 27 She is benevolent, v20 She cares for her family’s needs, v21 She is a woman of character, v25 She is wise, v26 She is respected and honored by her family, v28-29 All this comes back to honor her for the person she is, v30-31 One might suggest that this is a perfect example of the contemporary woman, who often works not only inside, but also outside, the home.  She is on the go, in near constant motion, from the time she rises, often prior to everyone else, until she goes to bed, long after the remainder of those in the house have retired.  She desires to make her husband a success, and make him proud of her by her industry both inside and outside the home.  Thus, she nurtures her children, keeps a good home, fosters business interests in her community (or these days, perhaps online), cares for those in need, and does all this while carrying herself with a Christian dignity.  The end result is that her husband and children rise up and bless her with the honor and respect she deserves.  Those in her home and community see her for what she is – a woman of character. As you read these words, who comes to mind?  Is it your mother or grandmother, or perhaps an aunt or some other female mentor?  If you are female, to what extent does the above passage describe you?  Is this something to which you aspire, or is it out of reach for you?  What do you think modern culture would say of this description of womanhood?  Perhaps your mother was not this kind of woman.  How did that mark you?  In what way(s) will you want something different in a wife, if you are male?  In what way(s) will you be different, if you are female?  What will keep you from being bitter, if your mother failed you in some way, and how do you plan to keep from failing your own family? Think on these things… Read Full Question