Question Objective 3: Summarize how servant leadership flows from possessing and exhibiting authenticity, humility and consistency. The goal of this activity is to appreciate how a true servant leader sets an example for employees and colleagues. Each week we will be examining the effects of servant leadership in the scope of the helping professions through the lens of personal journaling. Download and review the Week One Pillars Presentation. Write a one-page journal responding to the questions in the attached Power Point presentation. Some of the questions are provided below. How does servant leadership differ from other leadership styles? The authors feel that acting according to the dictates of our conscience is a good way to make moral decisions. Do you agree with this concept? Does the Bible have anything to say about conscience? Romans 2:15 II Corinthians 1:12 II Corinthians 4:2 I Timothy 1:5 Could there be differences in what gives a believer purpose in life as opposed to one who is not a Christian? What would they be?