Question this is just a discussion jstone3 login Objective 1: Explore the multiple roles individuals that work within the helping professions play and the different career paths available within the field of human services. The goal of this activity is to develop a sense of appreciation for the many different hats that those in the helping professions wear. It is very common for students to seek a career that involves helping others. While that is a laudable goal, students are sometimes surprised to learn that there is not one, but many paths and careers that involve providing meaningful help to those in need. Read Chapter 1 of your course textbook by Mandell & Schram. Prepare to share in discussion on the following points: What are some key differences in all the various helping professions reviewed in Chapter 1? How does one go about choosing a role in the helping profession? Which of the various helping professions have you come into contact with in one form or another? What role appeals to you the most as a possible career path and why? This is a “post-first” discussion. You will need to post your initial post in order to see peer posts.