Question do this outline based on people with criminal backgrounds that you would like to help upon release from prison such as transitional housing employment ect! Objective 2: Conduct scholarly research and outline the parameters of the final human services leadership project. Now that you have chosen a final project idea, it is important that you continue to develop it by reviewing the parameters of the assignment and researching through scholarly sources. It is important to stay on top of this process, as the final project is substantive. Imagine that you might have an opportunity to actually execute the excellent project you are now developing – so be thorough, thoughtful, and use your critical thinking skills! Read through scholarly sources from the online library and Internet. Use high-yielding search engines, such as Google, Google Scholar, and others when searching for your applicable sources. Don’t rely solely on Google. Work to locate peer-reviewed, scholarly sources to give your research credibility. After conducting your research, develop a substantive outline, using the Final Project document as a guide, including details relevant to your specific project. Insert your source materials into the applicable sections in this outline. This will help you remember where to use your sources when writing your paper.