Question Augustine’s autobiography, “Confessions,” details his coming to faith in the midst of the temptations of the Roman Empire. It details his life within paganism all the way to his point of conversion with insights to his struggle with the flesh along the way. In a way, it is nice to see that not much has changed since the 4th century. We are still those who struggle with the same types of spiritual attacks as the early church fathers. As the Preacher has said, “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9). However, we are fortunate enough to learn from those who have gone before us. For Augustine, a life of faith leads to a life of obedience, which in turn leads to great victories over the battle against the spiritual forces of this world. Read Augustine’s Confessions (Specifically Book 7 ) Read Ephesians 6 Write a 3 page paper covering the following: Based on your reading and research, answer the questions: Discuss Integrate the concepts of Process Spirituality and Warfare Spirituality as they relate to the Christian Life. In what ways does a life of obedience help overcome the spiritual forces that are arranged against the Body of Christ? Develop your writing primarily from scripture, but also integrate historical voices of the church as well as pertinent quotes from Boa. Augustine is just one example, but there are plenty more. Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.