Question Objective: Formulate a clinical view of family dynamics and codependency as related to the area of substance abuse and addiction. Poet John Donne’s famous line, “No man is an island” (1624) is so true when it comes to substance abuse. We are all part of a family system and a relative with an active substance use disorder can profoundly impact that system. Counselors working in the substance abuse field must understand family systems, a family’s reactions to substance use disorders, and the factors that influence the family members and the person with the active substance use disorder as they interrelate. Read the article on addiction in the family:  https://www.bhpalmbeach.com/recovery-articles/impact-substance-abuse-and-addiction-families/ Write a 2-page response in which you define your concept of family. In the response explain how you see substance use disorders impacting the family and layout options for treatment of a family affected by a family member having an active substance use disorder. Be sure to incorporate 2 sources cited in the material