Question Objective: Consider the biblical context for sentencing. When we consider things such as the death penalty, imprisonment, and rehabilitation, all of these can be likened to various ways individuals were treated in the Bible. Looking at these options for sentencing in the criminal justice system, does one area compare more with the New Testament than the Old Testament and vice versa? If so, how and why? You want to have a solid grasp of the concepts in this area to be able to determine how these apply to biblical principles. Write a 2 page paper that looks at how a Christian worldview compares and contrasts with the use of capital punishment in the criminal justice system. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed. Compare and contrast the Christian Worldview on the use of capital punishment to that within the criminal justice system. Discuss punishment and forgiveness as it is laid out in the Old Testament versus the New Testament solely as it relates to capital punishment and not the justice system in general.