Question Hide Assignment Information Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Objective 1: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of administration and delivery structures and the impact of organizational design on service delivery. For a public policy to be effective, first the organizational structure of the entity enacting the policy must be organized and effective. Our reading proposes several types of delivery structures based on organization type, and lists benefits and disadvantages of each. Many of you will work in or with faith-based organizations, delivering services to clients based on a Christian foundation. It is important to recognize benefits that these types of organizations bring to clients while also addressing concerns from members of the organization, the government, and the general public. Address the following questions/prompts in a total of 1 pages(double spaced): Identify a religious or faith based service delivery program of interest. Describe the overall intention of the organization – who does it intend to serve, what services and benefits are provided? Identify at least 3 advantages to religious or faith based service delivery programs What are at least 2 proposed downfalls or disadvantages of religious or faith based delivery programs? In your opinion, are these valid arguments against this type of organizational delivery?