Question Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…”  Genesis 1:26 ESV James Sire (1976) wrote the following in his book, The Universe Next Door: Man is created in the image of God . . . [Man} was created good, but through the Fall the image of God became defaced, though not so ruined as not to be capable of restoration; through the work of Christ God redeemed man and began to process of restoring man to goodness, though any given man may choose to reject that redemption (p. 29-35). Human beings are all created in the Image of God, and yet are all unique in characteristics and calling. The Bible provides a host of examples of the different emotions God experiences. For this week’s devotional thought, reflect on an emotion that the Bible records as one God experiences and how that same emotion is one that human beings experience as well.