Question Objective: Describe the leading theorists who ascribe to the Psychodynamic perspectives of Frommian Theory, Interpersonal Theory, and Ego Psychology. Erich Fromm, Harry Stack Sullivan, and Erik Erikson are the focus of our attention this week. Each builds further on a psychodynamic framework. Respond to the following discussion prompt that explores Fromm’s personality theory: To the accepted instinctual drives, Fromm contributes the idea of learned non-organic drives noting that they are the characteristics that separate humans from animals. Summarize those four drives. How can the lack of fulfillment of one of these non-organic drives lead to psychopathology? Explain how Frommian theory deepens your understanding of personality theory. If you could speak to Eric Fromm, what questions would you ask him? Please support the reason(s) for those questions. In your response to classmates, share at least one new insight that you had from Fromm’s concepts about personality or ask them a question related to their post.