Question Objective 2: Explore the role of resistance to the counseling experience. The goal of this activity is to appreciate the fears involved with resistance to change or help from counseling professionals. Change is an inevitable part of life, but it is not always so easy, especially when things have been repeated over and over again. From a systems perspective, this cycle can be taxing as it is both damaging and, at times, counterintuitive. On a client level, the counselor also needs to be aware that resistance to change, no matter how desired, is common when it comes to any type of issue. Understanding ways counselors and those in related fields can help create positive change on the systems-level and ways to help a client on their own individual level will be important to recognize. Read Chapter 13 (pp 478-506) of your textbook by Mandell & Schram. Read the article titled Recognizing and Dealing with Resistance Provide a 1-2 page response defining what resistance means in the counseling world both on a systems level and client level and under what conditions it might emerge and be used. Include ways a counselor might help this resistance on all levels of work.