Question This is one page only! Hide Assignment Information Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Objective 3: Identify how a servant leader expresses appreciation, builds community, and negotiates conflict. The goal of this activity is to understand that leaders who cultivate a great legacy are relationship builders. This team mindset will not happen with haphazard or occasional attention to the others around us, but with intentional team building. Read Chapter 4 in the Seven Pillars textbook. Download and review the Week Two Pillars Presentation. Write a one-page journal responding to one or more of the questions presented on slides 4-8. Some of the questions are provided below. What factors enhance a collaborative culture? (see your textbook, p. 82) Which factors do you feel are more or less powerful? Have you ever worked in a setting that was/was not an example of collaboration? Share some stories about this work experience. What do you think motivates individuals to adopt a leadership role in a group? (p. 87) What role do you typically take? Why? Share an example of how you participated in a group that did or did not function according to the guidelines suggested by the authors. (p. 89)