It is possible for individuals to become famous on the internet because they can take several steps to enhance their fame. It is vital for persons to understand their passion by comprehending what they like. Additionally, individuals should acknowledge their beliefs and set their personal goals by understanding their needs in life. Individuals should also understand the reasons for their need to become famous. Afterward, they should learn how to develop a website and master aspects associated with the computer especially the HTML and copy-pasting (Liu 2007, p.44). The individuals should then join different social networks and ensure that they make many. These social networks include MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. These networks are important for individuals who are interested in becoming famous on the internet because high percentages of the internet people are friendlier. After joining the social network, the interested individuals can open up a website indicating their likes and come up with links that they can ask their friends to view (Liu, 2007, p.44).