The Right and the Left Lungs. Normally, the human body has a pair of lungs floating freely inside the pleural cavity which is made up of epithelial membranes forming the pleura. The one which is faced to the lungs is the visceral pleura and the outer is called the parietal pleura. The lungs are contained inside the thoracic cavity and are situated beside each other. thus, the right and the left. They are divided by the mediastinum. Although they are basically and supposedly aren’t connected with any other part in the cavity, they are technically attached to it by its root and the ligamentum pulmonale. When held, the lung would feel “light, soft, and spongy in texture” and can float when placed in a container with water (Cunningham & Robinson, 1918, p. 1091). According to the authors, the color of the lungs is dependent on the age of a person. It appears rosy-pink in its early years and is darker in adults. This is due to the exposure levels of the lungs to dust and other impurities.