New Zealand had a total of 1.5 million passengers’ cars in the year 1986. This number considerably increased to 2.5 million in the year 2004. The approximated value of used cars that are being imported to the country stands at 70%. Most of these used cars are abandoned by their owners on both private and public properties. The abandonment of these used cars possessed a lot of environmental concerns. This has prompted the motor vehicle industry to come up with policies that reduce the pollution caused. Some of these policies are removal of operating fluids, battery, LPG tanks, tires, CFCs present in the air conditioning units, and defusing of airbags and seat-belts. New Zealand authorities, therefore, need to benchmark with Western European countries so as to solve their motor vehicle abandonment practices. This is because Western Europe currently leads the world in the management of used motor vehicles. Some of the laid down approaches for proper motor vehicle management are the use of the EU Directive. This directive on motor vehicles was adopted in the year 2000 (Cassells, 2004).