Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: How Can the Parents Who Speak Broken English Teach English to Their Children. When Amy put forward a lengthy speech about her book, The Joy Luck Club, her mother listened to her in the room. Amy realized that she used the language differently as her mother was unable to communicate in such a manner as she did. She felt confused about all this because she never thought about what her mother would think about this situation that occurred in reality. Sometimes, some things are so familiar to us and so avoidable that they make us forget about their importance. For example, when I came to America, I was unable to notice that my parents play a significant role in my life but later on, I realized. According to my perception, it is the sense of familiarity that always makes us miss something. Amy also met with this problem as she considered that such a situation could never occur in which, she would become confused before her mother on the usage of the English language.