Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Cyber and Traditional Bullying Among School Children. School bullying as a special form of aggressive behavior violates the rights of other people, became the object of systematic research in the early 70-s of XX century. Such aggressive actions appear either permanently or for a long time implemented by a team or individual in relation to the victim, who cannot easily defend himself in order to cause physical or psychological harm. (Nickerson, Schnurr, Collen, 2014, p.158) Defining it as targeted aggressive actions, the researchers turned to the analysis of various factors, and psychological relationships of bullying. There are the main types of these actions:- physical bullying.&nbsp.- verbal bullying.- bullying related to social exclusion or relational bullying.- cyberbullying.&nbsp.Bullying usually occurs in connection with the following issues: race, color, worldview, ethnic and national origin, immigration status or nationality religion, gender, gender identity, gender self-expression, sexual orientation, disability, and weight. (Schneider, O’Donnell, Stueve, Coulter, 2012, p.173) According to a survey, which is conducted with the participation of children, stating that they are victims of bullying it was found that they were persecuted mostly based on gender, disability and sexual orientation. At the same time, girls are often persecuted than boys. Such attacks in addition to physical and verbal aggression can manifest in the form of extortion, moral humiliation, leading to alienation and isolation of the victim.