The coursework was presented on the topic of Bio-fuels. The report was an exhaustive study including analysis of trends on bio-fuels, their usage, and current availability as well as future scenario development (Slaughter, 1996). Deeper insight on the future of transportation and the role of biofuels was presented with the help of PESTEL analysis. Based on PESTEL analysis, various recommendations for sourcing biofuels as well as enhancing its usage was discussed. The feedback provided after final submission helped in understanding areas that needed improvement. According to the feedback, initially, the report was well-written until the introduction section. However, after the introduction, the report started to look like an essay containing majorly descriptive studies as well as lacking any aim or objective. While referencing was appropriate, the report was said to be weak in areas such as trends, interactions, scenario development as well as proper explanations. The feedback also suggested that the report lacked focused justification or any identified opportunity.