Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Importance of Respect and Following Orders. The paper presents the fact that discipline and respect constitute the essential ingredient of both the military and civilian life (Kennedy & Neilson 71). Almost most of the young men are taught the value of discipline right from the times they start their schooling, where they are taught the importance of discipline in domestic, academic and social life and are told about the relevance of respecting the rights and privileges of others. On the sports fields, is it baseball or football, the young people are taught the value of placing respect for the team aspirations above personal goals and targets. Even in the work-life young people are taught the value of loyalty for the organization they work and the importance and appeal of respecting one’s seniors and colleagues and placing organizational goals above personal aspirations. The crux of the matter is that life is about team play and any form of team play, be it civilian or military simply cannot succeed without respect and discipline.