A first step towards the complete presentation of the methods of statutory interpretation is the definition of ‘interpretation’ as it appears and operates in the legal area. In this context the following definition could be applied: ‘interpretation is the activity we engage in when we are trying to find the meaning of something’. According to Marmor (1997, 2-3), this definition should be followed by the following questions: ‘first, what sorts of things have meaning? Secondly, does the validity of an interpretation consist in the discovery of such meanings, or can such validity exist even if we create such meanings by our interpretations? Thirdly, why should anyone ever engage in this activity, that is, what value is served by finding or creating meaning for something?’ The above questions, according to Marmor, represent the following issues: The first question refers to the interpretation. the second refers to the validity, and the third refers to the justification.