Compose a 1000 words assignment on the seventh seal: philosophical discourse. Needs to be plagiarism free! The movie contains a deep philosophical message as it is mainly focused upon the question about the existence of God. It tells the tale of a 14th-century Swedish village where people were dying from the plague. When a crusade returning home came across death he challenged death to a game of chess that if he will win the game, death will leave him alone. The opponents move one chess piece in one day. A couple also entered the scene but the knight distracted the death allowing the couple to escape from death. In the end, the knight and the group meet their fate at the castle at death hands. The story contains a deep philosophical message and tries to highlight many shortcomings of the religion. It shows that the conception of the human suffering is not well explained in the religion whereas there is also an absence of compelling proof about the existence of God. The movie also raises the question about the self-mortification as proposed by the religion and him immoral conduct of the clergy. It shows that some of the religious leaders also misguide and manipulate the believers through their immoral acts because the believers don’t have very clear concepts and faith about certain issues and the religious leaders easily make their minds according to their own wishes. The nature of good and evil is also explored in the movie to illustrate the images of God and Devil. The scenes depicting death wandering around the countryside are the most gripping scenes of the movie that draw long-lasting impacts upon the memories of the audience. The movie challenges the believers and unbelievers of the religion by posing certain questions about their faith and religious beliefs. The silence of heaven and silence of God is the opening passage and the major theme of the movie portrayed along with other major themes of death, mortality fear of death and existential dread.