Information literacy as experienced in schools has taken several directions when it comes to its definition. Many take it as a concept while others take it as an ideal to be realized. Information Literacy can be taken as practice or a set of skills/competencies that combines all such kind of attributes. Many scholars argue that good knowledge and understanding of literacy will become realized well if its literacy is combined with information (Craig, 2015). The assumption is that information literacy involves skills that help a scholar in finding, retrieving, analyzing, and using information. The International Literacy Association has acknowledged that the world has a highly dedicated community, leaders, and organizations that have of late focused on literacy (Craig, 2015). Research and training of different professionals, starting with students back at school, has shown that many resources have been invested in a bid to realize literacy (Craig, 2015 & Staff, 2015). With all these observations in place, it becomes relevant to explore some aspects of literacy like the use of the internet for research, the best sources of information, and the sharing of information with others.