But, how dangerous is our world? According to Brian Forst (2010) for the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), 11,000 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide in 2009 resulting in 58,000 victims, including 15,000 fatalities. Shootings, fire bombings, suicide bombings, corporate sabotage, malware in automated computer systems, sniper attacks, envelopes with harmful biological contents, all contribute to a world increasingly dominated by fear. Incidents such as the anthrax-tainted letter attacks of 2001, the Mailbox Pipe Bomber of 2002, the Earth Liberation Front’s torching of homes in 2008, as well as almost daily small-scale incidents create a situation where evidence becomes crucial to apprehend these rogue perpetrators. Fire investigation and analysis has become an important aspect of our Post-9/11 world because safety is becoming more and more difficult to ensure.