On earth, the sun is the source of all forms of light. It provides light that green plants often use to create sugars in the form of starch. Later, this starch releases energy into many other living things, which on this green matter. In this perspective, the photosynthetic process in plants plays a big role in providing energy to all life forms on earth (Yu 2011). Historically, another significant source of light known to man has been fire, ranging from the ancient campfires to the modern time kerosene and electric lamps (Robertson and Brian 2003). The invention of modern light sources like electricity has played a crucial role in replacing the ancient concepts of firelight. Lighting technology has so far influenced different aspects of human life and activities on earth. This paper examines some of the developments in lighting technology and how its various features have influenced human activities on earth. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.