Inspiration paved the way for the birth of a Nobel Laureate, as Pavlov decided to contribute his best in the field of Natural Sciences, physiology. He was a brilliant scholar and accomplished his courses with rewards and medals. His brilliance and interest in physiology brought immense success for him as well as his co-workers. He completed his degree in Natural Sciences in 1875 and joined the Academy of Medical Surgery and later, he succeeded in getting the fellowship at the Academy, and afterward, he was positioned as the Directory of the Physiological Laboratory. He worked on his doctor’s thesis, entitled “The centrifugal nerves of the heart” and presented his work in 1883. provided a novel concept of nerve, and provided a unique concept about the basic pattern in the reflex regulation of the activity of the circulatory organs. His success graph reached high and he became a well-known figure in the field of Science and Medicine. He was invited as a Director of the Department of physiology at the Institute of Experimental Medicine and he stayed there for 45 years. Under his able guidance, the institute emerged as one of the most distinguished centers of physiological research.