Compose a 1250 words assignment on michael bakunin: god and the state. Needs to be plagiarism free! Q 2: Connect the two faculties that make us different from the other animals to the three fundamental principles that constitute the essential conditions of all human development? Ans.: According to Bakunin, there are two precious faculties in man: the power to think and, the desire to rebel. He also cited three fundamental principles as constituting the important conditions of human development: human animality. thought, and. rebellion. The aforementioned conditions are necessary for progress because they are the avenues by which the faculties of man can be expressed. As a product of human nature, the man was an animal but because he had the power to think, he began to think in abstractions (ex. idea of God) which enslaved him. However because he also has a desire to rebel, he rebelled from all that enslaved him (including religion), and in the end, he is liberated, and with freedom comes progress.