Not to split infinitives is a notion that is mistaken. Latin was a model in good writing in the 1800s and different writers tried to make English fit in the Latin language. The attempt was unrealistic since the Latin infinitive is always one word and there is no way that it can be split. On the contrary, the infinitive has to be split in the English language (House, 54). No matter how awkward and unattractive the split infinitive is, it is never wrong to use them. There is nothing desirable about split infinitives, but according to H.W Fowler, he says that when it comes to real ambiguity, then split infinitives are quite useful (Fowler, 768). Always feel free to use the split infinitives whenever necessary even when it is a clumsy version. An example of a sentence with a split infinitive is…” We wanted to immediately leave for the airport”…. This splits an infinitive and is definitely not the right one to use. The other example is “The committee plans to legally ban franc disclosures” (LaRocque 61). This sentence makes it clear that it is necessary to use a split infinitive.