In both versions, the song details how Eminem is ready and never afraid of quitting the Illuminati he had engaged in due to the need for peace, riches, and fame. Further, the two versions talk about how Eminem wants to stop the drug and be a good father. The songs detail how far Eminem had to go to get to where he is currently. He came from a bad background as he struggled while embarrassed. He had none apart from one friend that he thought he was helpless. The songs’ themes remain unchanged in both the two versions. In fact, the lyrics themselves remain. The melody and the instrumental are still common and one in both versions. Further, the cultural and physical environment from the two versions is also similar and remains unchanged. Another common feature of the versions is the tone the singer uses. The tone of the song has remained unchanged, and this makes the listeners follow and make the inference from the original version. In addition, the two versions have been separated in terms of both choruses and verses and thus making it a commonality. Such a commonality helps the listeners make meanings of the song and even be sufficiently entertained. The song beginning and endings are also similar and therefore one can easily make out the two versions without any difficulty.