Transference refers to the redirection of the patients feeling with the therapist. it is associated with the erotic attraction towards the therapist that can be either in form of mistrust, extreme dependency, rage, etc. it can be observed when the patient comes across resistant behavior from the therapist with his patient. it can lead to the persistent resistance of the patient towards the session, or complete denial to proceed with the therapy. Transference between the patient can often happen between the patient and the therapist unconsciously, this is because of the reason that the patient and client interact with openness. In addition, transference can allow the therapist to reveal the unsolved conflicts the child had in childhood. In the case, the patient seems to be disheartened about the therapist’s behavior when she was telling something serious about her life and she answered the phone call, due to which she says in the session ‘Nothing much to report. Work is busy. What else is new? A lot has happened I guess (Corsini and Wedding)’. it is evident from the statement that the patient has felt leftover from the call the therapist received during the session.