In one of Nike’s ads that appeared in 2009, two Oregon-based athletic wearing Nike showed an athletic girl and boy running that stimulated the spirits of young runners, stimulating gender action. In the advertisement the girl is running ahead of the guy wearing Nike suits and shoes and iPhone on their arms, to show the acquisition of the software of the iPods for Nike. The background of the advertisement is brightened up with neon colors to grab the attention of the young people, whereas the facial expression portrays that the both of them are focused on the running track, whereas the guy in the advertisement is stunned to see that the girl is running ahead of him. It can be observed that the advertisement provides an opportunity for the audience to develop interaction to follow the runners through developing the Men vs. Women challenge for the runners. Both the runners are young, dressed up in bright colors to gain the attention of the runner. Moreover, the advertisement mainly focuses on young and enthusiastic runners emphasizing the running community.