The British government in consultation with educational groups and schools as well as their teaching staff drew up the statutory requirements within the National Curriculum for the teaching of ICT at key stages 1 and 2. The National Curriculum was developed and implemented to raise education standards in England and Wales to improve the skills of all school children as well as making them more academically, educationally, and vocationally accomplished. As originally devised the National Curriculum was primarily intended to raise the level of standards and achievements in more traditional and well established academic subjects such as English, Mathematics, and the natural sciences.3 However it was ICT’s growing importance in the contemporary world could no longer be ignored, which led to the teaching of this subject becoming a statutory requirement within the already existent framework of the National Curriculum. Other subjects had already used computer technology to assist teaching yet had not specifically designed to teach primary or indeed secondary school pupils ICT as a separate subject in its own right.