Although Mandiant garnered its strong position through protecting the commercial credentials of the global organizations, the company has gained world recognition by its investigation of cybersecurity breach made by APT. According to the APT1 report of the organization, Mandiant has critically distinguished various APT&nbsp.groups along with their issues associated with the breaching cybersecurity of more than 141 US-based and globally renowned organizations. The APT1 in the Mandiant’s report referred APT groups in the cybersecurity-related issues. The APT1 report of the company is released with an aim of generating major awareness about the threat of cybersecurity breaching and the degree to which it can create security risks on the nations and the global economic condition as well (Rid, 2013).&nbsp.In addition, the report has also critically summarized the actual process along with tools, tactics, and procedures (TTP) that enabled APT1 to steal successfully the confidential information and intellectual property of different privately and publicly held foreign organizations.&nbsp.