Compose a 1250 words assignment on challenge to master the english language. Needs to be plagiarism free! I had come to this foreign land to receive an excellent education.&nbsp. In Saudi Arabia, I was a superior student.&nbsp. My family and I were sure I would be a superior student in the United States, despite the language barrier. My first obstacle came into customs.&nbsp. The heavyset official looked at my passport.&nbsp. He asked me something I could not make out.&nbsp. I slowly said ‘student’.&nbsp. He said something indistinguishable to another thinner man.&nbsp. The thinner man pulled me out of line.&nbsp. I was taken out of line to be searched.&nbsp. I cooperated patiently.&nbsp. (My family and friends had warned me in advance about the strict American security after 9/11.)&nbsp. The two men searching me were suspicious at first.&nbsp. However, after making sure I did not carry any weapons and my passport was verified, they let me go to the baggage area. I had planned my trip down to the last detail.&nbsp. My new room would be ready for me.&nbsp. The problem became getting there.&nbsp. I went outside.&nbsp. The unfamiliar crescendo of English surrounded me in and outside of the airport.&nbsp. I did not know how to hail a cab.&nbsp. So I approached a waiting cab.&nbsp. When I got into the back, the cab driver said something unfamiliar.&nbsp. I showed him the name of my room on a piece of paper.&nbsp. He nodded and took off into traffic.&nbsp. When he dropped me off, I paid him a large bill.&nbsp. I hoped that had been enough, but he shook his head.&nbsp.&nbsp. The cab driver gave me back some of my money, minus his change.